Trinidad and Tobago, or T 'n T as they are known locally, are the southernmost islands in the Caribbean. This two-island Republic is located below the hurricane belt, just off the north-eastern coast of South America. You couldn't ask for two more different islands. Trinidad is highly industrialised and resource-rich, with oil and gas representing a major part of the economy. Tobago is a very much more laid-back island, possessing a natural beauty still unspoiled by the tourism, which represents the island's only industry.

Where there is great wealth there's bound to be crime. Trinidad is no exception. The international press tend to see the twin islands as one, but those who live here know that it's still a very different story in Tobago. Life here is much more carefree; a more modest way of ‘being’, living in close harmony with nature and with deep appreciation for the non-bustling beauty of the island.

Originally part of the South American continent, Tobago is not a volcanic island like other Caribbean islands. Graced with a backbone of rugged hills and carpeted in thick green rainforest, the beautiful beaches represent just a small part of all that this tropical island has to offer. 

Since 1776 the island’s Main Ridge Forest Reserve has been legally protected, making it the oldest tropical rainforest in the western hemisphere. Soleil is ideally situated, a stone's throw from the north-side road that takes tour operators to the Rain Forest. You will use the same road when you are ready to experience your own Tobago adventure, exploring the quiet unspoiled beaches and waterfalls located all the way up the Caribbean side of the island.

Tobago’s exquisite reefs are home to an explosion of marine life, from the microscopic to the majestic. Over 1000 species of animals and plants have been identified in and around Tobago’s waters. Soleil is ideally situated because it is just a short drive from several beautiful beaches that offer excellent swimming and where the multicoloured fish and sea turtles regularly fascinate even the most experienced snorkelers.

Tobago is home to more than 220 species of birds and many congregate for afternoon tea at the Arnos Vale Hotel, a two-minute walk from Soleil (although you might prefer not to partake of the tea itself).

For visitor information about Tobago, we recommend www.myTobago.info. This website also features a satellite location map of Soleil, as well as independent reader reports about our accommodation.